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Where can you get online STD medication for gonorrhea?
February 24, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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When you know for sure that you’ve contracted gonorrhea, prompt treatment is essential. But what are some discrete, lesser-known ways for you to get it effectively?

In a growing market of online options for receiving prescriptions and purchasing medications, it’s easier than ever to treat an STD in as low-profile of a way as you’d like. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at a method of procuring online STD medication for gonorrhea you may not be familiar with.

What kind of medication do you need?

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection, so to treat it, you’ll need antibiotics. For uncomplicated gonorrhea, the CDC recommends a ceftriaxone injection and oral azithromycin (Zithromax). If you have allergies to part of this dosage guideline, there are alternative treatment plans, too.

While this broad strategy may work for many people, it’s ultimately up to your doctor to prescribe the appropriate medications to deal with your case of gonorrhea. They’ll be in a better position to diagnose your condition accurately and analyze how you may respond to certain treatment plans.

Additionally, as part of the general recommended treatment plan for gonorrhea involves an injectable medication, there’s a good chance you may have to visit a medical professional in person for assistance administering it to you. You can perform your own ceftriaxone injection at home, of course, but a trained hand may be better suited to handling this task properly.

Buying online STD medication

When it comes to obtaining the medication you need, you have two clear options: buy from a retail pharmacy in person, or from an online pharmacy. Ordering from an online pharmacy comes with some clear benefits in terms of discretion, but not all of these types of pharmacies are made equal.

Many known retail pharmacy brands with physical locations also offer options to order medications online to be shipped to your door or picked up when ready. Additionally, you can search through the FDA’s database of state-licensed pharmacies to find one that you feel comfortable ordering from.

You also have the option of purchasing from an independent online pharmacy, though you should proceed with caution. While many of these pharmacies offer the option of obtaining the medications you need at a lower cost without insurance than big-brand, mail-order pharmacies, some are less trustworthy than others or may not take appropriate steps to discreetly package your order. Do your research ahead of time before purchasing.

Why buy online?

Purchasing your medication from an online pharmacy is a great way to both maintain your privacy and take advantage of the convenience factor. No need to walk or drive substantially out of your way in clear sight of your neighbors to pick up your gonorrhea medication; you can just order what you need from bed and keep the situation private.

It’s also beneficial if you’re dealing with other health issues that may complicate your ability to get to a pharmacy in person when you need more of your medications. The health and safety of yourself and the people around you is the top priority. Getting your medications delivered to your door is the best way to maintain that health and safety.

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Get the treatment you need with GoodMDs

When you need effective treatment for gonorrhea in a way that protects your privacy and offers heightened convenience, GoodMDs can help. You can complete most or all of the treatment process from home and get the medications you need delivered straight to your door. Schedule an appointment with us now to get started.